The first Incidence of Fall armyworm in Africa was first reported in Nigeria. -FAO, CABI


In January, 2016, the Outbreak of a pest affecting Maize crops in Southwest Nigeria was discovered by the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, I.A.R&T, Obafemi Awolowo University, Moor Plantation Ibadan. The Institute swung into action to quickly respond and curb this menace raging farmers farms and if they were to rely on traditional mediums of communication most farms would have been affected because of the time if will take to prepare a radio jingle or dispatch agents to the fields. #FarmAlert came to the rescue! Within few hours, over 4000 farmers were reached via their mobile telephones in local languages over a period of 5 days, educating them about the dangers of this pest and the necessary control measures to put in place. Since then, #FarmAlert has been effective in the dissemination of such messages in various formats reaching a wider audience. Want to know more? Visit:
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